RISU Vision

To become the leading school that is recognized by its ability to bring the best out of its pupil, epitomize their strengths and develop them into individuals with an academic edge, multicultural understanding and global outlook.


RISU Mission

To continuously evolve to create the most holistic learning environment for its students by providing a platform to identify and enhance their individual strengths through innovative, adaptive and superlative academic and co-curricular models.


RISU Objective

The RISU stands firm on imparting its fundamental and underlying principles of enlightenment, determination, courage and equality in all its modes of teaching to its students. We strive to ensure that these inherent qualities are embedded into each student as we believe in not just developing careers, but lives.



The RISU community expects members to:

  • be honest and act with integrity
  • avoid prejudice by developing views based on evidence, reasoning and understanding
  • be compassionate, morally responsible and embrace challenge in order to maximise their potential
  • help other people
  • take an interest in and enjoy friendship with people of all cultures and backgrounds
  • minimise their harmful impact on the environment