Year Group – Learnings

This term we have been learning about transport. In the outdoor space, we have a busy road with boda bodas and cars trundling along the roads – driven by each of us. We noticed that road signs are very useful to help us not bump into each other!

We are zooming through outer space this term and learning all about the solar system. In assembly last week, Reception L told us all about the planets – and explained why Pluto is not considered a planet any more. We have created a solar system play area, made rockets, listened to fabulous stories like “Whatever Next” and written descriptions.

Out topics this term are “Holidays” and “From A to B”. This is a very good time to think about this, as our long holiday is just around the corner! In assembly, 1B shared all the qualities of a good friend and the children in the audience who had been seen being especially helpful and supportive of others were rewarded with a sticker.

Celebrations is our theme this term and what a fun time we have had exploring this topic. Out entry point involved throwing a party. We are exploring the very many celebrations that take place in families and communities around the world and thinking about why celebrations are important to us. We hope our mums and dads will be able to come to the Year 2 celebration on June 19th. We will be celebrating the fact that we are growing up and moving from Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 2!

We have two units of study this term – ‘Forces’ and ‘Gateways to the World’. We have had lots of fun figuring out how to build a vehicle run in which the car stays on course and picks up enough momentum to carry it along to the end of the track. That took a lot of thinking, discussion and experimentation.