Working at Rainbow international School is an opportunity to develop cultural exchanges and openness of mind. It is a multicultural environment with over 23 nationalities represented in our student population and over 6 nationalities represented in our staff population.

Our students are future citizens of the world and are taught to respect all cultures and languages in a non-religious environment. As role-models to the students and as ambassadors of the school, all Rainbow International School employees are expected to promote those values of tolerance, empathy and respect for others.

Therefore, we encourage our employees to organize their work with a collective mindset. Solidarity, exchange of experiences, mutual assistance, sharing of the means and of the knowledge, innovative approaches, and work ethics dictated by the common interest are all values that we promote at Rainbow International School.

An employee of RISU is hired through a work contract subject to applicable employment laws. RIS provides equal opportunity in all aspects of hiring or employment to its job applicants or current employees regardless of race, color, religion, culture, national origin or disabilities.

We offer an elementary and middle school from grade one through grade eight co-educational program designed to nurture the attitudes, knowledge and skills of the whole children.

RISU operates a safe recruitment policy. Before employment, at least two references will be required, identity will be established and background checks will be carried out. All candidates must agree to this before we consider your application. RISU is an equal opportunities employer.